Dish for Algerian Coffee of Prague, a Viennese-style dessert coffee that is, for a specialty of Prague.

Dish for Algerian Coffee of Prague, a Viennese-style dessert coffee that is, for a specialized of Prague without any recognized ties to Algeria. Go figure.


  • 2 rounded tablespoons (about 15 grams) ground coffee (fine ground for espresso, medium-fine grind for moka pot), ideally an espresso blend
  • 3 tablespoons eggnog, click here for dish (or replace zabaglione, click on this link for recipe)
  • 2 teaspoons (1/2 ounce) brandy
  • sugar to taste, optional
  • 1 large dollop of gently sweetened whipped cream


  1. If using an espresso maker, put the coffee in the double-sized filter basket of the portafilter, tamp down with a tamper, and secure the portafilter in the brew head.  Place a brew pitcher or other receptacle directly under the brew head, switch on the brew switch, and brew for 22 to 28 seconds to yield 3 ounces of espresso.  If using a moka pot, remove the filter basket from the lower chamber of  moka potand fill with 1 rounded tablespoon for a single serving pot, 2 rounded tablespoons for a double serving pot.  Carefully level the grinds, securely screw the top section onto the base, and put the pot over the burner.  Leave the top lid open and turn the heat to medium-low.  When the upper chamber is filled about halfway and the circulation from the nozzle starts to sputter, shut off the heat and wait until the chamber is complete advertisement the sputtering has stopped.  (If using a single-serving pot, repeat with staying coffee grinds.)
  2. Rinse a tall, stemmed dessert glass or glass mug with hot water, then dry it.
  3. Combine now on amazon the eggnog and brandy in a bowl and beat with a whisk.  Pour or spoon the mix into the glass.  Stir sugar into the espresso, if wanted, and put over the eggnog mix.  Top very kindly with whipped cream and serve.